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Dan Cathy: A Cheerful Giver

Chick-fil-A recently announced that it’s founder Truett Cathy was passing the CEO torch to his eldest son and longtime COO Dan Cathy. After hearing the news, we were interested to learn how the legacy of America’s largest family-owned business would be carried on under its new leader. So we asked Dan Cathy a few questions […]

A Community of Beautiful People

I know of a lovely place where smiles and laughter, singing and clapping, where tickles and giggles, and warm bear hugs are part of the daily schedule. I know of a place where doors and walls and windows are decorated with the most creative, imaginative works ever done by little hands and big hands, too. […]

A Reconciled Relationship

I never thought it would happen. You see, my brother Barry and I were both only children — that is, he was born almost ten years after me, and our worlds seldom touched. As he grew up, Barry adopted a belief system far removed from mine, and the clash of lifestyles made for uncomfortable gatherings, […]